Palmira 94 Ltd.

Founded: 1997
Headquarters: city of Pleven
Activity: import, export, distribution, logistics of confectionery and soft drinks

During its twenty-year history, the company has established itself as a loyal partner of Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers and distributors of confectionery. Our main goal is to sell more quality Bulgarian goods.

With its long practice, Palmira 94 Ltd. builds a wide range of selected products from reliable and proven manufacturers. We strive to constantly enrich our product range with new quality and sugary products and refreshing drinks.

The built new modern warehouse base allows the maintenance of constant quantities of goods, well stored in order to maintain their good quality and commercial appearance. The company has a well-maintained own fleet, which allows daily deliveries of goods to anywhere in Bulgaria. We have a spacious hall, which exhibits the full range of products, as well as a large parking lot, allowing everyone to come on site to see and buy the necessary goods. Our sales consultants are always ready to help you choose products.

Palmira 94 Ltd. has a very well developed distribution structure for direct sales. We have well-trained and qualified staff, thanks to which we maintain extremely good relationships with our customers.

Our goal is to maintain a wide range, to offer products of consistently high quality and to meet the growing requirements of our customers, offering them only the best and quality products and the best conditions for purchase.


Deliveries to any point of the country with own transport

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